Apparel Development

Apparel Development

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Opal is a bridal design company that sells unique bridal gowns and separates constructed with quality textiles, mixing the worlds of color and bridal wear.


Opal Bridal prides itself in custom bridal wear, constructed out of natural and unique fibers. Opal brings in an elegant bridal color palette to have every bride stand out on her special day.


Target Audience:

The Opal woman is a bold, yet elegant woman. She is headstrong and loves wholeheartedly. She is passionate and wise, educated and independent. She is a dreamer and a creative, and walks with a fire.


Age: 22-35 years old

Income: $55,000, freelance graphic designer

Education: BFA, Fine Arts


Likes: Wine nights with girlfriends, being creative, traveling, movies, and humor.

Shopping habits: Looks for quality garments and doesn’t mind spending a little more money to insure the garment will last. She doesn’t shop often but loves finding staple pieces for her wardrobe.



Vera Wang

  • Simple silhouettes, emphasis on a timeless look, minimal embellishments, with clean design.

  • Price range: $600 - $1200.

Hayley Paige

  • Heavy embellishments with edgier designs. They put an emphasis on Swarovski crystal work and is targeted to a flashier bride.

  • Price range: $1500 - $5000.

Monique Lhuillier

  • Plays with sheer textiles and elegant silhouettes. Minimal embellishments but still has a young vibe and feel. Focuses on heavy embroidery work. Add-on options such as jackets and pantsuits available.

  • Price range: $1200 - $5000.

Market Differentiator:

Two of the biggest market differentiators at Opal are our non-traditional color palette, bringing in soft colors to help a bride stand out. Also, Opal offers separates, and we market ourself as selling garments that can be worn on more than one occasion. For example, we have our wrap skirt that can be paired with many tops giving our bride an opportunity to wear her special garments day to day.

Market Penetration:

Opal will focus a lot of their time through online promotion to drive our consumers into location to shop. The demographic does a lot of their shopping and browsing through online platforms. We have taken into account the cost of fabric, construction, marketing, shipping, and our profit margin in order to set our retail prices. The majority of our collection uses silk textiles which run a higher price point than synthetic and fiber blends. Our collection will be sold at a local bridal boutique in order to cut the overhead cost of any retail space for the start of our company.