Fashion Forecast

Fashion Forecast


Five Star Athletics

To create a cheerleading uniform forecast to inform new designs for Five Star Athletics and Varsity All Stars uniform company, taking into account social issues regarding age-appropriate styles.


About Varsity

Jeff Webb, CEO, Varsity Uniforms

Jeff Webb, CEO, Varsity Uniforms

Since its founding in 1974 by Jeff Webb, Varsity has been the driving force in making cheerleading the dynamic, athletic, high profile activity it is today. By combining high energy entertainment with perfection high glamour routines, Webb and his organization have driven the development of an international phenomenon that now not only includes millions of young Americans, but also a rapidly growing number of participants worldwide


Changes Within The Cheerleading Industry

Long gone are the days of sideline cheerleading, cheerleading has transformed into a 2.5 minute action packed routine full of tosses, pyramids, gymnastics, dance, and jumps. These changes have brought huge demand for changes in uniforms as well. The Industry now needs uniforms with fabrics that will allow their athletes to perform all of the skills safely but also have more of an emphasis on look, whether it is right or wrong, cheerleading is an image of a sport.


Forecasted Social Issues


One of the biggest issues for uniform companies in the future is CPU, gyms are wanting specialized fabrics, glamorous embellishments and extreme individuality, but are needing to keep price points at a reasonable level for athletes who are already paying enormous amounts of money to be involved. As stated in Inside Cheerleading Magazine, “parents are not willing to spend the money they once were for uniforms, that had such a short lifespan. They are wanting to cut the cost there and use the uniforms longer than the typical two season cycle.”

The cheerleading image as a whole has moved in a more conservative approach, bringing on new rules about uniform guidelines for younger age groups. I believe there will always be the innovation and crops from elite teams but I think they will move in a direction of more age-appropriate uniforms.  

Competition Challenges: Pricing

One of the biggest challenges Varsity All Stars will face in the coming years is pricing. There are smaller uniform companies emerging in the marketplace, which can offer standard uniforms at a much cheaper cost than Varsity’s custom uniform. Over the last three years Varsity All Stars has seen a drop in production by 3% for custom uniforms. One of their biggest competitors, Chasse, is having an increase in their standard uniform orders. This is due to Chasse being able to offer these bulk order uniforms 25% cheaper than Varsity.


Black body flex spandex

Red body flex spandex

White body flex spandex

Clear crystals

Red crystal

In a recent study put out by Inside Cheerleading magazine, teams that are using flashing materials and better fabrics are scoring 25% higher in their division. This is due to stage presence, and the overall look and feel on the floor. This is a huge incentive for teams to take this next step in putting more innovation into uniform design and materials.