PR Campaign



Carnival Cruise Line

The team was tasked with creating a PR campaign to restore the brand image and restore faith in current customers, as well as increase new consumer totals.

About Carnival

Started in 1972 by a man named Ted Arison. Carnival started with one ship that had just enough fuel to make it from Miami to San Juan and back. Fast forward to today they have a fleet of 26 ships and cruise worldwide. They pride themselves on being affordable, family-friendly, and relaxing. They now employed 36,400 people and have a total asset value of $35 billion.

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In 2013 CCL ship “Dream” Lost power due to lack of maintenance on back up generators. Causing all public toilets to backflow, and no power within the ship. This caused a company nightmare and essentially lost customers trust.

Meet Ashley

She is a 37-year-old female, with two children. She currently works a retail job and has an annual income $43k. She loves to create exciting memories with her children, but still have her own time with her girlfriends. Ashley lives in the suburbs, and is great at bargain shopping.


Current Mission Statement

To consistently deliver fun, memorable and affordable vacations at a great value.

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PR Plan

Take these cruises and turn them into a themed 90`s excursion, to gain interest of our target market. These cruise lines will host star-studded performances from top 90`s artists. Such as Backstreet Boys, no doubt, and Britney Spears. There will be one cruise per quarter, aligning with the big event of the quarter.

Information Sheets


Press Release

Social Media



Press release information will be sent out quarterly for the event happening in the following cruise. We will target local media stations, as well as email blasts. This is a good way that our press team can spread the word quickly about themes coming up in our rebrand. It is written to engage our consumer and get them excited, as well as give them a heads up for planning their cruise.

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